Thursday, January 25, 2018


   New year this 2018, like most years that precede me, never really became the marking point of changes for me. Being a January birthday, I give myself the luxury of a twenty-five day free trial of what changes and goals I will implement for the year to come.
   This new year I am not only aiming to be different, I really am. I entered a new stage of my life entirely: Motherhood. It has changed me emotionally, physically, and mentally. What I once thought would become a subset of my identity, I found has really come to define me. I love being a mother.
     From sleepless nights, to weight gain, to stretchmarks, to the joys and struggles of breastfeeding and returning to work... It has been the stage of my life I felt the most loved, beautiful, strong, needed, and resilient in. Not to mention,now that I am in my 30's, I have come to solidify my identity and my goals. This year, as I turn 32, I welcome a new year and this new me.

. . .



1. Adore Motherhood!

I have never loved any stage in my life as much as Motherhood. I am aware that I have been able to enjoy so many stages of life and I plan to be ever-present and indulge in this one. I want to spoil my family and baby with my time, talents, and care.

2. Find Balance!

I am still playing around with my time balance as I return to work, prepare a baby for daycare, manage the household, and so forth. With less time for myself, I plan to carve out just enough to stay well and be my best self for everyone who needs me and also for myself.

3. Breastfeed for a Year!

Breastfeed has been such a  tough journey but I don't plan to give up. I hope to nurse my baby and pump when I return to work, so that he can have a full year of Mother's Milk.

4. Get a Nursing Wardrobe!

Huge shocker that I want a capsule wardrobe for this time of my life? Not! But with nursing and pumping, I need functional clothing that is still stylish and "me".

Easy resolutions, right?! Here's to 32 and 2018.


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