Thursday, January 25, 2018


   New year's day this 2018, like most of the years that have preceded, was uneventful and never really became the marking point of any changes for me. Being a January birthday, I have always given myself the luxury of a twenty-five day free trial of what changes and goals I would want to implement for the year to come... and this year was no exception.
   This new year I am not only aiming to be different or setting goals to change, I really am different and have changed. At the end of last year, I entered a new stage of my life entirely: Motherhood. It has changed me emotionally, physically, and mentally. And what I once thought would become a mere subset of my identity, I found has really come to define me. I love being a mother. I love being a nursing mother. And, I love being a working mother.
     From sleepless nights, to weight gain, to stretchmarks, to the joys and struggles of breastfeeding and returning to work... It has been the stage of my life I felt the most loved, beautiful, strong, needed, and resilient in.  This year, as I turn 32, I welcome a new year and this new me.

. . .



1. Adore Motherhood!

I have never loved any stage in my life as much as Motherhood. I am aware that I have been able to enjoy so many stages of life and I plan to be ever-present and indulge in this one. I want to spoil my family and baby with my time, talents, and care.

2. Find Balance!

I am still playing around with my time balance as I return to work, prepare a baby for daycare, manage the household, and so forth. With less time for myself, I plan to carve out just enough to stay well and be my best self for everyone who needs me and also for myself.

3. Breastfeed for a Year!

Breastfeeding has been such a  tough journey, but I don't plan to give up for a year (or sooner or later, whenever my baby is ready to wean). I hope to nurse my baby and pump when I return to work, so that he can have a full year of Mother's Milk.

4. Get a Nursing Wardrobe!

Huge shocker that I want a capsule wardrobe for this time of my life? Not! But with nursing and pumping, I need functional clothing that is still stylish and "me".

Easy resolutions, right?! Here's to 32 and 2018.


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