Friday, February 4, 2022


   It's really no secret that I am a recovering spendthrift. Nor is it a secret that I prefer high-end, high-quality items over the latest fads or brand-new anything. The combination of these two traits is actually how I became a serious secondhand shopper.
  Money matters. Having a home and a young son to raise on my own means that every penny counts. There is still a rare every now and then (like once or twice a year) that I might make a big splurge on a new, expensive item I might want, but the truth is, that hasn't been the case for me in many years. And still, my closet is full of high-end, high quality items that I bought for fractions of their retail cost. How? I do the majority of my shopping by thrifting and buying on consignment apps.
   For anyone else remotely interested or looking to get started looking their second hand best, here are a couple of my thoughts to share with with you. 


1. Save Money

The most obvious reason why I love shopping secondhand is because I love to get high quality items that have a lifetime of use ahead of them, and to do so for very little money (like the price of a brand-new, mediocre item).

2. Reduce Waste

Despite being affordable, fast fashion comes at a high price to our world and environment. So rather than spending $30 on a fast-fashion blazer I'd throw out in a season, I would rather pay $30 for a timeless blazer from Burberry or Brooks Brothers in great used condition.


Another reason to do it is to stop collecting junk. I am a collector-type at heart and I am retraining myself by limiting what I purchase. It makes the items I do choose to purchase very purposeful.


― Cicero


1. Poshmark

My favorite place to scout and purchase high-quality secondhand clothing and makeup is  Poshmark
(available as a phone app and online). I buy, sell, and trade many items through this market and have had amazing experiences.

2. Vestiaire

Much like Poshmark but devoted entirely to luxury, Vestiaire has a wide selection of beautiful items to buy secondhand. It also has the added bonus of verifying the authenticity of the items.

3. eBay

Pretty much eBay is the father of all of these marketplaces, and always one of my favorites. It's harder to scout deals on it, however, because many things are sold on a bidding basis. 

4. Craigslist

I always scope out Craigslist first for any furniture purchases. I have had a lot of luck scoring great furniture sets with a lot of life left in them. 

5. Thrift Stores

The best thrift stores are the ones in the "nice" parts of town. I always enjoy driving to a thrift store in a rich city, because the kinds of things you find there (and at the prices they are sold) are unbeatable. 

  By Leslie Crystal
Photography | Self

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