Sunday, September 3, 2017


   The year 2017 has been a big year for my husband, Sam, and I. A big, big year. There has been a lot changes in every way, and we are barely now catching our breaths adjusting.
   For one, we celebrated our two year anniversary and really vowed to make our marriage and family our number one priority-- something we always intended to do, but left to the back burner as we went around working and living. We vowed to take the reigns and start the future more united than ever. Also, we decided to start a family. And in March, we discovered we were expecting our first baby. A baby boy!  With this news and joy, Sam and I really decided to kick our future plan into high-gear and laid out everything we wanted out of life. This all led to Sam getting a major promotion within his company and becoming an even more active participant in our community.
   All of this also meant that we needed to readjust our balance in order to keep our relationship at its best.
   Personally, I am a big fan of resolutions and, especially, self-improvement. I think I have consistently tried to make and keep resolutions for my life every new year, but this year both Sam and I felt it appropriate to make marriage resolutions-- even if it's already late in the year! There is never a better moment than now, right? Especially knowing that we are about to add a new addition to our family mix, it makes it all the more important to keep our relationship development as high a priority as possible. 
Here are a couple resolutions Sam and I are taking from now, moving forward.

. . .



1. Have Breakfast Together

As our days keep getting more and more hectic, we decided that this small part at the start of the day is worth making an effort spending together. Some days I cook, others we re-heat waffles. But it really sets a beautiful tone for our day and life together.

2. Volunteer Together

Separately, this has always been one of our favorite activities. We both enjoy gifting our time and love into causes that help people and animals. For our future, and especially our future with kids, we really want to make this a staple of our schedule because it embodies our ideals for a better world.

3. Brag About Each Other in Public

It's so easy to talk about problems, but the truth is that the majority of our life together is very wonderful and brag-worthy. Yet the compliments don't roll out as easy as the complaints in conversations. We plan to let the good roll out effortlessly from here forward.

4. Have a Real Date Night Monthly 

This is about to become a huge challenge and huge event to look forward to. As our lives change, we want to make sure we maintain real date nights and intimacy with all the good stuff, getting pretty, going out, getting that baby sitter and all.

5. Thank Each Other Daily 

It's too easy to start taking things for granted.  So we resolve to make sure there is always a "thank you" (or two or three or four) in our every day lives. It keeps us on the lookout for how much each of us really do put in to make this family thrive.


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